Russian MTS Telecom Uzbek Fiasco Leads Directly To Karimov’s Daughter Gulnara


Gulnara Karimova; photo: realgoogoosha.com

Acting General Director of the company “uzdunrobita” Radik Dautov left Uzbekistan

Acting General Director of the company “uzdunrobita” (Uzbek “daughter” MTS- BakuToday a Russian citizen) Radik Dautov, previously released from detention in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 16 August left portal, reports Uzbek Uzmetronom, close to the country’s security services.

“It is likely that very soon he will tell the details and the true reasons for the liquidation of the subsidiary of MTS, and that he had to experience during interrogation and imprisoned,” the newspaper writes.

As previously reported BakuToday, uzbekistan, the General Prosecutor’s Office reported in a statement that Radik Dautov with 2006, he held the post of financial controller in MTS-Uzbekistan and he was responsible for securing the company’s financial and management reporting, monitoring of income and expenditure, ensuring an effective internal control system, the Organization of the work of the Finance Department, and much…

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